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Centro Cultural Conde Duque

Like the Matadero, that popular, sprawling cultural hot spot situated within the stretch of in between the Legaspi and Principe Pio Stations, another must-see is the Centro Cultural, where there are just so many art, performances, and cultural ativities that you can do, marvel at, and enjoy. The place is well-known for being one of the City of Madrid‘s premier center for the arts and culture.

The city administration decided to convert this former military headquarters into a hotspot where major modern arts and cultural events are to be held. The single most popular building within the premises is the Conde Duque barracks of baroque design. Its imposing stance is more than enough to represent its original military purpose. Upon its creation by the famous and prolific Spanish architect Pedro de Ribera in the early 18th Century, it immediately claims that right to be included in the list of one of the grandest edifices of the city during that time. Situated along the street of the same name, it is within short distance to other popular establishments such as the ABC Museum and the Liria Palace.

Suffice it to say that the Centro Cultural Conde Duque has become quite known for its distinct pink-hue edifice and walls. It is easily an indoor space that’s meant to host to various exhibits, symposiums, workshops, and similar events, international fairs, and even outdoor plays and concerts, particularly during the summer season. In fact, here is where the yearly Veranos de la Villa event is held, an occasion that showcases performances and shows of premier artists.

Conde Duque is also known to be the headquarters of a number of Madrid’s major institutions. Do check its official website for its calendar of cultural activities – entertaining events that are scheduled throughout the year.

Location: Calle Conde Duque 11 28015 Madrid

How to go: Nearest Metro Stations are Plaza de España, Noviciado, Ventura Rodríguez, and San Bernardo

Autobus EMTs are 133, 1, 2, 74 and 749

Nearby sights and attractions: Templo de Debod, Plaza de Espana, Gran Via, Plaza del Callao


Navideña Feria Internacional de las Culturas 2016, Matadero Madrid

Navideña Matadero Madrid SpainMadrid, Spain is just magical in December. At this time of the year, the whole city spruces up, illuminates, and sparkles, what with all the holidays decors, trees, and xmas lights put up in many streets, avenues, and plazas. Weekends during this month means crowded shops and malls, plazas and streets overflowing with people, and restaurants and cafes filled to the brim.

Likewise, you can expect many Yuletide-related activities and events to happen, many of which would culminate on Christmas day, or by the end on the year, or at the latest, on the Feast of the Three Kings.

Madrid, Spain: Ciudad de Las Ferias de Navidid

Come Christmastime, Madrid becomes the city of fairs, and all things related to the merry season.

In instance, you can treat yourself to an interesting “feria” (especially if you’re an antiquarian) called the Almoneda at IFEMA Feria de Madrid which happens twice a year. The December fair, which is near Camp Naciones Station, offers an impressive display of antique items, paintings and other art pieces, and rare collectibles. The fair promotes its items as holiday gifts. Entrance to the Almoneda is free.

Another ongoing fair in Madrid is the Feria Mercado de Artesania de la Comunidad de Madrid at Plaza de España. It’s a free-entrance fair that started last December 10, 2016 and will end in January 5, 2017. The event is all about craftman and artisan items originating not only from the Communidad de Madrid but other autonomous Spanish regions. The fair is right within the area of Plaza de Espana, and so, it’s very accessible. The best way to get there is via the Metro (Lineas 3 and 10), where you get off at Plaza de Espana Station.

Navideña Feria Internacional de las Culturas at Matadero, Madrid

imageKnown as one of Madrid’s main centers for the culture and arts, Matadero, Madrid at Barrio Legazpi acts as the host of this year’s Navideña Feria Internacional de las Culturas. (Christmas International Cultural Fair). Various exciting and fun activities are scheduled to happen on the different facilities at the center and are meant for everyone of all ages to experience and enjoy this season.

Thru Navideña, Matadero Madrid gives Madrilenos and tourists the chance to make the most of the holiday season and enjoy a wide variety of entertaining activities such as movies, theater plays, exhibitions, workshops for kids, readings, art workshops, and so much more.

International Bazaar at Plaza de Matadero

Highly-awaited at the Navidena is the bazaar that involves the participation of the majority of embassies in Spain. All are assigned stands or kiosks that effectively serve as a platform where they can present and promote their country in the best way possible. I believe this is one of the most attended and liveiest fairs in the city because of the large number of participants to the event, which is more or less 75 countries.

Other Fun-Filled Navidena Activities

Apart from being able to enjoy roaming around a unique bazaar, have a taste and experience of various foods and cultural traditions from 75 or so countries, people are afforded various other fun activities in the event.

Every day, from december 15 to the 23th, different performances and events are scheduled to happen; such as cooking demos, film showing, concerts, cultural and traditional dances, plays, and more food tasting. The children are treated to story-telling, teatro infantil, anime cartoons, and so much more.

Just some of the many activities and the sites where they happen are as follows: the BID16 exhibition, a Latin show of modern designs, at Central de Diseno; a collective exhibit called El Ranchito-Rusia at Nave 16; toddler and children’s activity workshops at Casa del Lector; and engaging films to be shown throughout the duration of the feria at Cinetaca.

As promised by the event organizers, the event is meant to make the people understand and appreciate Christmas more. And as the current site of the event, Matadero Madrid welcomes everyone to witness and experience all performances, activities, and events, all of which will focus on “La Navidad”.

For a complete list of activities and corresponding schedules, you may refer to the Navidena Feria’s Official Website.

imageThe kiosks of the embassies are located at the Plaza Matadero, the area in front of the Nave 16

imageDay one at Matadero: 6 in the afternoon, yet only a few visitors roam the area — it must be the bad weather

imageMany children’s activities such as storytelling, storytelling and various workshops are held at the Casa del Lector

imageOnce the Yuletide decors were lit, this helped liven up the Yuletide spirit at the Plaza Matadero

imageThe kiosks of Israel and Finland. Navideña is aptly called “cultural” because of the participation of various countries

Navideña Feria Matadero Madrid Philippine Embassy Big smiles from the staff and officers of the Philippine Embassy to Madrid as they gamely pose for the camera

navideña feria, Madrid spainColombia keeps a jeep filled with sacks of coffee beans near its kiosk — one of the impressive displays at the Navidena

String lights Navideña Matadero MadridThe evening at the fair made brighter and more Christmassy by the holiday string lights

imageCineteca schedules excellent quality films in time for the Christmas fair

imageThe crowd intently watch a martial arts exhibition at Plaza Matadero, Day 2 of La Navidena

imageExhibition called BID16 is ongoing at Central de Diseño, showcasing Latino modern designs

imageSunflowers, stems and all drape from the ceiling of one of the halls, a Basurama exhibit that started last September and is still ongoing to become a part of the fair. The site was once a freezer and storage, a huge one at that; this was  when the place was still a slaughterhouse

Do come with your family and kids while the event is still on. With a great variety of fun and exciting things to see and do in Navidena Fair, it will surely make your Christmas this year a lot more special.

Name of activity: Navideña Feria Internacional de las Culturas

Duration: From December 15, 2016 to December 23, 2106

Time open to the public: 12PM to 9PM

Site of Activity: Matadero, Madrid (Ride  the Metro, Linea Circular and get off at Legazpi)

Entrance: Free


ALMONEDA Antiques Fair 2016 at Feria de Madrid

Any well-meaning expert antique dealer would recommend buying only an item that truly takes your fancy. Indeed, this is true if you’re someone who collects antiques as an investment, like you intend to resell it for profit. This way, you won’t pressure yourself to seeing it sold. If it turned out to be unsold eventually, you wouldn’t mind because you would like to keep it anyway.

In my case, antiques do pique my interest, although not so much as to actually buy any. At any rate, the mere fact that they had existed for decades, or even centuries, is a strong enough reason for anybody to be fascinated by them, including me. I’d say I categorize myself as more of a learner and admirer rather than a possessor of such things.

ALMONEDA at Feria de Madrid, Pavilion 3


All roads lead to Feria de Madrid for its ALMONEDA Antiques Fair – an annual event put up by IFEMA – from April 2 to 10, 2016

To be frank, I was in awe of the seemingly unlimited varieties of antique items that are showcased at the fair (and so, my kudos to the whole team of organizers and exhibitors). The collection was extensive and grand, to say the least. The pavilion itself is spacious and more than enough to house the participating exhibitors of the fair. Indeed, nowhere else can you find priceless items available for sale and exhibition under a single roof but at ALMONEDA in Feria de Madrid.

What to expect

image For the antique collector, he will be treated to a dazzling array of vintage finds like jewelries made of precious stones, beads, metals of all types, bags and fur coats of vintage make, archeological objects that define a wide spectrum of eras, medieval books by the hundreds, old and finely-made sculptures, historic paintings and other works of arts, archaic toys and knickknacks among many others.

ALMONEDA organizers promise that every item possesses quality of the highest degree. At the same time, they assure that prices are affordable and every visitor will be able to purchase an item or two of his liking without making any dent in the pocket.

Event: ALMONEDA Antiques and Vintage Fair and Art Gallery

Location: Pavilion 3, Feria de Madrid

Duration and time: April 2 – 10, from 12PM to 9PM

Nature: Open to the Public (8 euros per ticket); no auction but direct sale

Needless to say, Almoneda boasts of the finest collections of antiquities, all of which are available at reasonable prices. This is a clear boon not only to established art and antique collectors, but also budding enthusiasts and hobbyists who would want to build their own collection.

This post is online either on Thursday or Friday (April 7 or 8). Hopefully, it would serve to alert aficionados still not in the know that they have only up to the weekend to attend and be treated to a grand antiquedades affair in Madrid.

image Bears of different hues on display at the lobby that leads to different pavilions – including pavilion 3 where ALMONEDA is held

imageThe bears of ALMONEDA bear (pun intended, most definitely) quite a resemblance to the United Buddy Bears, which had its 2007 exhibit in Jerusalem, Israel, among many other places

imageI made sure I had a photo of this Corona typewriter as it reminded me of mine, also of the same brand. The latter was my writing buddy up to late 1990’s (and served its purpose well), until a handed-down 486 desktop took over and proved to be a worthy replacement

imageVarious metallic nautical outfits and gadgets, all shiny and with nary a scratch nor dent. Obviously, these items boast of superior quality condition and appearance despite having been in existence for ages

imageAntique pinball machine – an effective thrill-delivering apparatus of yesteryears that features slots or holes for the balls to fall thru (with corresponding credits to earn). Note how simple nails crudely serve as pins

imageOld rag dolls dressed in traditional costumes. Notice the doll in the middle is priced at 130 euros

imageA number of exhibitors sell high-quality, beautifully designed vintage jewelries of all sorts, sizes, and shapes such as portraits necklace, or ones with a cross or face pendant, metal bangles, pearl earrings, dragonfly brooch, and many others. Jewelry booths are some of the most-flocked at the ALMONEDA fair, especially among women visitors

image Identical female bust sculptures facing each other (probably made of clay or ceramic of high grade)

imageThe spirit of 17th (or 18th century) Colonial America lives on as an exhibitor displays this figure garbed in a costume from that era

image Barber’s chairs of the earlier times. You can say they are old-styled; nonetheless, they are quite eye-pleasing and (hopefully) functional

imagePardon the caption, but I just feel the need to ask: “Will someone please hand this poor guy a belt?”

imageFine paintings displayed in a number of art galleries participating at the ALMONEDA Feria de Madrid

imageFor people from the earlier decades who want to listen to their favorite music, spinning vinyl records on the turntable player was the norm. Are appliances like this still purveyed in the market? I don’t think so, which is why it will surely be the focus of attention of the avowed lovers of such vintage record-playing contraptions

imageMedieval books of text and figures in various fonts and colors, respectively