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Estadio Santiago Bernabeu of Real Madrid

In Madrid, Barcelona, and anywhere else in Spain, football is the game popularly played, which is understandable as it is the country’s national sport. Football is arguably this country’s biggest passion, and I dare say that the Spaniards live and breathe this sport. When it comes to football associations, La Liga, meaning The League, is the crème de la crème of them all, and recognized in all of Europe as the most prestigious.

Santiago Bernabeu Stadium – Home of Real Madrid

Santiago Bernabéu Stadium
The fact is that football is of utmost importance in Spain. Nobody will dare miss an important match — people will either rush to the stadium in droves, or watch the game on TV. Discussions about the outcome among friends and family is commonplace. It seems like everyone loves to analyze and give a piece of his mind about a game. And while nights are still quiet when the favorite team loses, horns are honked and bars are filled post-game and long after just to celebrate a win.

The most popular and the winningest team in the history of the sport is Real Madrid – with almost 80 local and international titles under its name. The last Championship that it won is the Champions League the year, beating another Madrid team, the Atletico Madrid. Both fought a contested game that ended at the score of 5 to 3 in a penalty shootout.

Real Madrid has as its home the popular arena known as the Estadio Santiago Bernabeu, or simply the Bernabeu. The team club also owns and manages it.

One can imagine the scope of the sport facility in terms of area – it’s huge, and easily occupies a whole block. In fact, the Bernabeu Stadium is the third largest in Europe, and second in Spain. In terms of accommodation, it has a seating capacity of 80,000 spectators at any given time.

Bernabeu Tour

Side view of Santiago Bernabéu

If you’re visiting the city proper, it is a must that you see Estadio de Bernabeu. Consider it the icing on the cake of your dream Madrid vacation. It is true if you are a football aficionado, and more so if you’re a fan of the city’s famous Real Madrid team. While there is a guided tour, going their own your own and touring it at your own pace, a self-guided tour, in other words, is quite a thrilling experience as well.

The stadium imparts to visitors the rich and exciting history of Spanish football. You will learn and be amazed as you tour around; as a guest, you will be delighted to find out you given access to various areas in the stadium. Indeed, the money that you will pay for the Real Madrid stadium tour ticket is well worth it if only for the thrill of being within one of the capital’s most beloved sports edifices.

Needless to say, the massive size of the sports stadium is just amazing, its sheer size and the attendance that it enjoys every time a game is played there are a reflection of the great love that the Spaniards have for the sport.

Prices of Santiago Bernabeu tickets:

Bernabéu stadium fieldI was part of the big-sized crowd that enjoyed the December 2o15, Copa SM El Rey match between Real Madrid CF and UE Cornella, the first and only [so far] football game I’ve watched in Spain

Cost of Santiago Bernabeu stadium tour tickets are as follows:

1. Adults: 20 euros

2. Children: (up to 14): 14 euros

The tour comprises:

A. Entrance to the stadium

B. Self-guided (tour at your own pace)

C. Access and tour to stadium areas such as the locker rooms, presidential box, press room, the Best Club in History room, the pitch, the dugout, Real Madrid’s official store

D. Beautiful panoramic view of the field and the whole stadium

When to tour to stadium:

1. The Stadium can be visited any day of the week.

2. If you plan on going there on a weekday or Saturday, they entertain visitors starting 10AM up to 7.30PM.

3. If you want to tour on a Sunday or a holiday, time of tour of the site is between 10:30AM and 6.30Pm.

How to buy Real Madrid game tickets:

Stadium of Santiago BernabéuIntently watching the game between UE Cornella and Real Madrid, where the latter won. The win further strengthened their standing at the Copa S.M. El Rey

1. You may purchase Real Madrid tickets directly at the stadium’s ticket selling windows.

2. La Caixa Banks sell game tickets. Go to one nearest your area.

3. Purchase tickets online, via the Official Website of Real Madrid. Tickets bought on the Internet are priced higher. While more expensive, you are assured of an entrance to your choice match.

[Note: Avoid buying tickets sold outside the stadium during game days as these are fake ones.]

How to reach the Stadium:


Autobus: Take Paseo de Castellano via car or autobus, and just before you reach Cuzco (if coming from Nuevos Ministerios), you will be treated to a magnificent sight of the stadium. Auto buses that pass through the estadio are 27, 5, 147, 40, and 150.

Madrid Metro: To reach the place via Metro system, take the Linea 10, and get off upon reaching its own station, Metro Santiago Bernabeu.


Real Madrid: Campeon de la Final de Champions League 2016

Real Madrid team beats Atletico Madrid to the score of 5-3 in penalty shootout. The triumph is second time around for the 2016 Champions as far as defeating Atletico is concerned; it won the 2014 UEFA League Championship Final also at the expense of the same team.

Congratulations to Real Madrid for winning the Champions League Title of 2016