Museo de los Canos del Peral – Underground Archeological Museum in Madrid

Those who dig archaeological finds (excuse the pun), and derive immense excitement from the sight of valuable remnants of the past must certainly visit the Museo de la Canos del Peral. Often called Museo del Peral, this underground archeological Madrid museum is situated in Centro Madrid, where many other major tourist spots and attractions are found,such as the Palacio de Cibeles, Plaza del Callao, and Palacio Real.

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Indeed, while there are so many outstanding museos scattered in the city, here is one that’s totally underground and offers easy access since it is right within the premises of the Opera Metro. You can easily enter it via the station, which itself is situated in the midst of the popular Plaza de Isabel II.

During the early 16th and 17th centuries when they were still in operation, the structures were regarded to be of utmost importance to the Madrid residents and the whole city itself. In fact, it is known that before the installation of these structures, water was a highly prized and sought-after commodity – it was because the necessary supply was not able to reach the homes of Madrid.

The display of this museum in Madrid is quite limited, but it is enough for the visitors to fully appreciate the importance of the antiquated aqueduct structures on display, as well as the story behind them. They were discovered around the area of the Plazuela de Peral, the former name of the current Plaza de Isabel II.

Arenal’s sewer system was also helpful in solving one of the city’s major problems – sewerage disposal. The system effectively brought wasted waters into the Leganitos Stream, and also at Cuesta de San Vicente, up to this day.

Apart from the aqueduct, also found are hydraulic structures; they are actually uncovered and identified to be so during the time when the Metro station was fixed and renovated.

Where to find: Inside the Opera Metro Station
Metro lines to take: Line 2 and Line 5
Admission price: Always Free, at all times that it is open
Visiting days: The museum is only open from Friday to Sunday. It is closed during Christmas Day and New Year’s Day
Time the museum is open: 11AM to 1PM, 5PM to 7PM

imageYou can enter the underground museum of Canos del Peral through Opera Station right within the Plaza Isabel II – the entrance is free. The Real Cinema Theatre is in the background
imageWhat are displayed on the museum are aqueduct structures, which were of great importance then as they were tasked to bring the supply of water to the Palacio Real. These  archeological remains reminded me very much of the ruins at Palacios Nazaries at Alhambra, Granada of Andalucia
imageThe museo is one of the popular free museums in Madrid, accepting visitors by the thousands every week
imageThis archeological structure served during the early times of Madrid, to bring water supply to the city
imageMannequins in beautiful gowns are on display alongside the ruins, which appear to be connected to  El Bestiario by Opera de Oviedo and Teatro Real of Madrid
imageSimply called the Peral Museum, it is recognized as a top archaeological museo in Madrid that’s found underground
imageThe mannequins visitors will find on display at Museo Peral promotes the El Bestiario, a sung ballet under the choreography of Nuria Castejon

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