Palacio de Velazquez – Parque de El Retiro, Madrid

imageGrand  facade of the pavilion, also called the Palacio de Exposiciones, with its arches and columns, marbled steps. On both sides of the entrance to the building stand statues of winged lion-like creatures (right-side sculpture not shown on picture)

If you want to see some exciting galleries and exhibits, this is the place to go inside the Retiro Park, Madrid Spain – Palacio de Velasquez. One of the park’s grandest edifices, its design is largely neoclassical, with the facade made striking with its red bricks and tile combination.

It is named a palace, just like the nearby Palacio de Cristal. While both buildings are not really, they do boast of a regale design and impressive appearance overall. Another thing common between these these two edifices is that they were designed by the same Spanish architect, Senor Ricardo Velazquez.


A closer look at the winged creature, with a face representation of a man in its front. The column is ionic in nature

Indeed, the edifice was not built to serve as a residence of the royal rulers of Spain; but instead, it was intended as a pavilion for the National Mining Exhibition of 1883 in Madrid, which is why its original name is Palacio de Mineria. While many other pavilions were erected for the exposition, Velazquez is the only surviving one and is still used as a venue for modern exhibitions.

Location inside Parque de Retiro


The facade of the tower at the end of the building is decorated with tiles on which are drawn creatures that resemble a dragon and a few other perhaps mythical animals

The exhibition hall/pavilion is found in the middle of Retiro Park, at Paseo Venezuela 2, just beside the Crystal Palace and near the Estanque or the man-made lake of the park.

Stately palace


The palace is a favorite venue of exhibition for modern art creations by famous artists. Vital information about these exhibits, most of which are temporary, can be found posted on the building exterior (on large info board standing outside the palacio)

Inspiration for its design

The Palacio de Cristal, also a creation of Ricardo Velazquez, is smaller in size, yet it served as the major inspiration for the design of Palacio de Velazquez. Apart from tiles and bricks, materials like glass and iron were utilized in the latter’s construction so that the maximum amount of natural light can seep in and sufficiently illuminate the building’s interiors.


Along Paseo Venezuela 2, Parque del Buen Retiro, Madrid

Time open:

10:00AM to 10:00PM

How Much: Entrance is Free

How to reach:

Auto Bus: Take number 51, and get off at the parada (bus stop) by the Retiro, in front of Plaza de la Independencia

Metro Station: Take Line 2, this will bring you to Retiro Station itself. Both Atocha and Atocha Renfe Stations are also near the park (although service for this lines will only become available starting November due to current renovation work).

Bus: Number 51 (stops near the entrance of Retiro, at La Independencia, Alcala).


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