Parroquia de San Fernando, Alberto Alcocer Madrid

imageOne of the more popular small churches located within Madrid, along the Avenida Alberto Alcocer, is the Parroquia de San Fernando. It basically acts as a community church; it is not meant for tourists since it is found right within the city’s portion that’s largely residential and far from the top touristĀ  spots like Cibeles and Puerta del Sol.

imageWhat makes the Parroquia de San Fernando attractive is its simple but impressive architecture as well as the design of the facade, with a number of doors serving as convenient entrance for church goers into the interior. Rising over the edifice is a wooden cross, seemingly serving as a sign to passers-by that a church is nearby.

In spite of being a simple, small-sized edifice, San Fernando is open to all, and welcomes everyone to its fold, including individuals with physical disabilities. The church has a number of doors that assured easy entry of church goers when wide open. Also, the church provides ramps strategically found in the entrances to the convenience of people with disabilities. It has a garden with benches for church goers who want to stay around the area after they attended the mass.

imageSan Fernando church boasts of a solemn, well-lit altar that’s meant to make everyone focus on the mass. Overall, Parroquia de San Fernando is such a quaint yet beautiful church, I myself had made it as one of my favorite churches to visit for my Sunday worship.


Address of Parroquia de San Fernando:

C/ Alberto Alcocer 9
Madrid Spain

How to reach:

Metro: Cuzco, Plaza de Castilla, San Bernabeu

11, 27, 5, 40, 150, 147

Website: www://

Schedule of masses:

Laborables: 8:30AM (saturday’s are at 9AM), 12Noon, 1PM, and 7PM
Festivos: 9AM, 11AM, 12Noon, 1PM, 6PM, 7PM, 8PM


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