Parroquia San Agustin, Madrid

imageParroquia San Agustin, or the St. Augustinus’ Church in English, is one of the finest work of Spanish architect Luis Moya Blanco, who is a strong advocate of classic architecture. Located on Calle Joaquin Costa or Paseo de Ronda in the District of Chamartin, the construction of the church lasted for six long years, from 1946 up until 1950.

image Marker found on the facade providing vital details of the church, like Moya Blanco being indicated as the architect and the duration of its construction

The church boasts of four small lateral chapels, all shaped in a circle, and are dedicated or used for various religious services and devotions such as baptism services, the Sacristy, the devotion to Sta. Filomena, and the Blessed Sacrament. The back area of the church is used as the parish house.

I had already attend Sunday mass at San Agustin a couple of times, the latest of which is just recently. While I needed to take a ride to the church via the Metro system (getting off at Nuevos Ministerios station), it takes only a few minute walk to reach the paroquia. The apparent quiet and solemnity of the church is what makes me want to attend the mass there once in a while. If ever, I always hear the mass at 1PM, the last one in the afternoon.

imageSimple yet beautiful principal facade of the church of San Agustin

According to its official website, Parroquia San Agustin is not merely a place of worship but moreso a community of the faithful that work toward commitment, conversion and action. To be a true member of the parish, one must feel it and takes an active part in the activities of the community.

How to reach Parroquia San Agustin:

imageAddress: C/ Joaquin Costa 10 Madrid
The most convenient way to reach the church is via Madrid Metro, with Nuevos Ministerios and República Argentina as the two nearest stations.
You may also ride the Auto Bus: C1, C2, 7, 16, 51, 19

Schedule of Masses:

Monday to Saturday: 8:00AM, 1PM, 8:00PM
Sundays and Holidays: 11:00AM, 12:00PM, 1:00PM, 8:00PM

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