Plaza Mayor: Where All Roads Lead to (Photos)

Plaza Mayor of Madrid,a major plaza  in the middle part of the city, is like a beautiful Spanish  enclave where all roads from outside seemingly lead to it. Once the center of recreation of this premier Spanish capital being a former bullfight stadium, the Plaza Mayor is now one of Spain’s leading tourist sites. You go to the plaza, and you’re like entranced by its enchanting beauty with the ancient buildings encircling the square.  You look around, and be treated to a number of street performers, producing soap bubbles or hurling cheap contraptions into the air – to the amazement of the kids and tourists. You can smell the calamares and jamon that are served by various restaurants scattered all around. Many tourist souvenir stores are also open to serve the needs of tourists, whether they post cards, Madrid shirts, and even medieval swords and headgears. Needless to say, Plaza Mayor is the place to be whether you’re a first time vistor to  Madrid, or someone who has been staying for some time and want to enjoy the noisy yet exciting ambiance that the plaza has to offer. imageimageimageimageimage


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