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Casa Labra, Puerta del Sol

Crispy, golden brown Croquetas de Bacalao is one of the specialty dishes of Casa Labra

Looking for a fish-themed restaurant within a city that loves pork and meat? I will easily recommend two, since these are the restos I’m been a few times already. The first is one that I’ve already featured here in my blog, Bar Santurce. The other specialty restaurant is located right in the midst of the touristic area of Madrid, Casa Labra, at Calle Tetuan.

Always, whenever I go thru Tetuan on my way to Iglesia San Gines or when head home via the Plaza del Callao Metro, the restaurant is always filled customers, plus a long line of would-be diners waiting for their turn to be served. I’m sure the reason for this is not only because of its strategic location, but also because of the fact that it boasts of a traditional Spanish comida menu that comprises the most delectable seafood tapas and raciones.

Casa Labra is one of the popular fish and seafood tapa restaurants in Plaza del Sol

Being a avid fish lover and a fan of those crunchy Spanish rolls, I always see to it that I enjoy some bites of Bacalao Croquetas (fried cod fish rolls) whenever I have a chance to dine at Casa Labra.

The cod croquetas, easily the restaurant’s signature dish, are hands down the best ones in Madrid. It’s no wonder come lunch time (during early afternoon) a long line forms alongside the restaurant and in front of El Corte Ingles, with people patiently waiting for their turn to order their favorite fish fare.

Other signature food offerings are Bacalao de la Casa (another fried dish made of cod), Banderilla de bonito (chunky tuna / tomato pieces) in sticks, and Bacalao al ajoarriero (which is poached cod with tomatoes, potatoes, and garlic). Most tapas are available at affordable prices, starting with the croqueta at 1.50 euros each. Not all is fish based, as their are a number of non-fish selections in the menu to choose from, like tortilla espanola (potato omelette), cheese raciones, and even jamon.

Simply put, for those who decided to enjoy a meatless day, it is great to simply take some time out from the usual jamones and steaks, and instead indulge in the best fish dishes in town by opting for Casa Labra.

A lot of rich Spanish history has been created within and around this restaurant, which is understandable as it opened in 1860. Way back in 1869, it was here that the Spanish Socialist Worker’s Party, the oldest active political party in the country was founded by Pablo Iglesias. Today, the legenday restaurant lives on as it continues to serve the public with its delicious offerings.

How to go:

Metro train: Sol Station (Lines 1, 2, 3)

Operational Hours:

Restaurant: 1:15PM to 3:30PM, 8:15PM to 10:00PM

Tavern: 9:30AM to 3:30PM, 5:30PM to 11:00PM