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Teatro Calderon

Just in front of Plaza de Jacinto Benavente, as if lording over this noisy, busy square, is the famous and iconic theatre hall called the Teatro Calderon de Madrid, also known as the Teatro Caser Calderon. Its impressive baroque-designed building stands right in the corner of Calle de Atocha and Calle del Dr. Cortezo, and one of the major landmarks in the area. Simply called Teatro Calderon, it is recognized as one of the premier theaters of the City of Madrid, and was home to some of the most engaging musical productions, such as Carmen, We will Rock You of the Queen, and the West Side Story.

What theatre efficionados love about the teatre is the creative and often attention-drawing designs displayed in its facade from time to time, depending on the season or the current production being staged. Once, it featured two giant, rubber or plastic-made legs protuding out of the top of the theater; this was done as a promotion of the highly successful musical prodution, Hole zero. The latter was dubbed then as the Party of the Year. In 2017, the theater featured yet another interesting figure, that of a giant spider dangling in its front. Such a surprising display (that is short of being shocking), it was meant obviously to serve as a promotion during the run of the popular musical, The Adams family. This musicale featured the actress from Barcelona Carmen Conesa as lead character Morticia Addams, and Xavi Mira as Mortica’s husband, Gómez Addams.

Teatro Calderon was actually named after one of the most prolific writers and artists of Spain. And ever since it opened in the late 1920’s, it was an instant favorite of musical and theater lovers, and quickly became a musical hotspot of the Zarzuela era.

Just recently, Calderon enjoyed complete renovation to the delight of theatre-going fans. In August of 2015, management and administration was turned over to SOM Produce, the leadership of which continue Calderon’s commitment to giving the best musicales and shows to the public. One popularity of the theatre was due to the spaciousness of its hall, having a capacity of more than 1,000 viewers. It also offers amphitheatres and similar spaces that are available for use for all types of functions.

For the schedules, time, and ticket availability of current and future productions, patrons may obtain such information from its official website, at teatrocalderon.es


Calle Atocha 18 Madrid 28012

How to go:

Autobus: 32, 6, 51, 26, 65, M1, N17

Madrid àMetro: Tirso de Molina (Line 1), Antón Martín Station (Line 1), Sol Station (Lines 1, 2, and 3)

Nearby sights and attractions: Plaza Mayor de Madrid, Sol, Plaza de Santa Ana, Mercado de San Miguel